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Интернет Олимпиады для школьников 7-11 классов по информатике, программированию, нанотехнологиям, физике и математике в ИТМО, Санкт-Петербург

Олимпиады по математике и информатике
для школьников 7-11 классов

Terms and Conditions
 for the Computer Science Entrance Competition for School Students
(for the academic year of 2016-2017)


1. General terms and conditions

1.1. The terms and conditions for the Computer Science Entrance Competition for School Students (hereinafter Terms and Conditions) defines the procedure of the Computer Science Entrance Competition for School Students (hereinafter Competition) conducting on the territory of foreign countries, its organizational and methodological support, procedure of participation and determining the winners in the academic year of 2016-2017.

1.2. The competition’s main goals are:

- detecting and training intellectual creative abilities in students;
- creating the necessary conditions for supporting talented children and promoting scientific knowledge among the youth.

1.3. The organizer of the competition is: federal state autonomous educational institution of higher professional education ITMO University, (hereinafter Organizer).

1.4. Different research organizations, governmental enterprises, educational organizations, non-governmental organizations that work in the field of education, representatives of media and educational and methodological associations can also take part in organizing the competition (hereinafter Co-organizers).

1.5. The competition will be on the following disciplines: Computer Science.

1.6. English will be the working language of the competition. Use of the official language of the country where the competition is to take place is possible.

 2. The competition's organizational, methodological, and financial support 

The Competition's organization and operation is based on the principles of centralization and methodological uniformity. The expert, information, legal and analytical support is provided by the Russian Council for School Competitions (hereinafter RCSC) formed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Federal Agency for the CIS issues, living abroad compatriots and international humanitarian cooperation..

So as to conduct the Competition in full accordance with the Regulations on Conducting Competitions for School Students, the Organizers formed an Organization Committee, Methodological Board, Competition Jury and Appeal Board, for a term of no more than a year. The Competition is funded by its Organizers. The Organizational Committee manages the funding in what has to do with organization of the competition and conducting its rounds. There is no participation fee.

 3. Functions of the Organizational Committee, Methodological Board, Competition Jury and Appeal Board

3.1. The Competition's Organizational Committee:

- decides on the format of the competition and provides organizational and methodological support;
- decides on the procedure for conducting training events;
- handles any disputed situations that emerge during any round  of the competition;
- is responsible for the actual launching of the competition;
- forms the lineup of the Methodological Board, Appeal Board and the Competition's Jury;
- approves the list of winners and runner-ups;
- presents the annual report on the Competition's results to the Russian Council for School Competitions;
- ensures the creation, operation and security of The Unified  electronic database of the participants.

3.2. The Competition's Methodological Board:

- develops the methodological recommendations on conducting the Competition;
- develops tasks for all rounds of the competition;
- develops the criteria and methods for assessing the completed tasks for all of the competition's rounds;
- ensures methodological and substantive uniformity of the competition's tasks;
- publishes answers for the competition's tasks and performs other functions in accordance with the Regulation.

3.3. The Competition's Jury:

- evaluates the methodological and substantive uniformity of the competition's tasks;
- sets the quantitative criteria for defining the competition's winners and runner-ups;
- approves the result protocols for the final round of the competition.

3.4. Appeal Board:

- controls and evaluates the results of the computerized assessment of the participant's results;
- handles the appeal claims of participants of the final round  of the competition.

 4. The Competition’s Procedure

4.1. The Competition will take place from September 1st, 2016 till March 31, 2017, in two rounds – online qualifying  round and on-site final round.  The organizer and the co-organizers ensure the information support of all of the rounds of the Competition.

4.2. All the information regarding the Competition and its rounds is available at http://olymp.ifmo.ru including the information about the dates of the rounds and results of the Contestants.

4.3. The qualifying and the final rounds of the Competition include informing of the Contestants, registration in the online Competition system, preparation of  the tasks and distribution, registration and publishing of the results, handling of appeals, selection of the winners,  preparation of all reports

5. Procedure for participation and determining the winners

5.1. Senior year high school students of educational establishments of general and secondary level education take part in the competition on a voluntary basis.

5.2. To take part in the qualifying rounds, the students have to register in advance on the Organizer's web portal http://olymp.ifmo.ru.

5.3. Winners and runner-ups of the competition are defined based on the results of the final round. Students who are awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree diplomas are considered winners and runner-ups of the competition. Students with 1st degree diplomas are considered winners. Students with 2nd and 3rd degree diplomas are considered runner-ups.

5.4. The percentage of winners and runner-ups of the qualifying round of the Competition who can participate in the on-site final round must not exceed 45% of the total amount of the qualifying round's participants.

5.5. The percentage of winners of the final round  must not exceed 8% of the final round's participants. The total percentage of winners and runner-ups of the final round  of the Competition must not exceed 25% of the total amount of the final round's participants.

6. Final Round in Distance Form

6.1. The Final Round of the Entrance Competitions may be held in distance form, in cases when it proves difficult to organize an in-person Final Round. The list of the participants of the Distance Final Round is compiled by the Organizing Committee. The Committee notifies the eligible participants of the possibility to pass the Final Round in distance form by sending an email to the participant to the address specified in the participant’s registration form. The participant must reply to the invitation email no later than specified in the email, sending the reply to aip@mail.ifmo.ru In the reply email the participant must state his Skype username. The Final Round in distance form will be held March 12, from 14:00 to 16:00 Moscow Time (GMT+3). The members of the Organizing Committee may make a call to the participant from the EC.ITMO.2017 Skype account, shall they need for verbal communication occur during the Final Round.

6.2. The main means of Final Round organization is the olymp.ifmo.ru website. The Participant is identified and compliance with the rules of the exam is ensured using Skype. The participant takes part in the Distance Final Round from a personal computer, in a quiet room with no loud external noises, sufficient insolation/light and sufficient space.

6.3. It is the Participant’s own obligation and responsibility to make sure that his/her computer, which the Participant uses for the Distance Final Round Competition, complies with the following requirements:

6.3.1. The computer must have reliable Internet connection with the speed no less than 2 Mbit/second;

6.3.2. a web-cam, (color, with resolution no less than1280x720,  no less than 15 fps);

6.3.3. built-in or independent speakers and microphone (the headphones with a mic may be used as well);

6.3.4. Google Chrome version 39 and higher or Internet Explorer 10 and higher;

6.3.5. The Participant may get a consultation by writing an email to aip@mail.ifmo.ru. Only emails received before March 10th, 18:00 Moscow time, will be considered.

6.4. On March 12, 2017, before 13:30 Moscow time, the Participant must login at http://olymp.ifmo.ru, launch Skype and shall be expecting a call from the representative of the Organizing Committee (with the username EC.ITMO.2017). The Participant then should demonstrate his identification document, and then shall verify that the desktop of the Participant’s computer is accessible for remote control. The representative of the Organizing Committee checks whether the workplace of the Participant is compliant with the requirements: the desk and the surrounding area must be visible and clear of various objects, books, etc. The Participant is only allowed to have clean sheets of paper (for notes) and 2 pens. Once this check has been passed, the Participant may proceed with solving the problems of the Distance Final Round.

6.5. In the course of the examination, the representative of the Organizing Committee controls the Participants, their compliance with the rules, their activities. The representative of the Organizing Committee may notify the Participant of the time left till the round is completed, of warn him/her about the breach of the present rules. In case the connection with the Participant is lost for a period of time longer than 5 minutes, his/her results in the Distance Final Round are considered void.

6.6. Once the time allotted for solving the problems of the Distance Final Round runs out, the access to the problems is discontinued automatically. The results of the Participants are to be published in accordance with the procedure.

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